miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Embera Community

Embera village entrance Drua

The Embera Indians awaiting us with their canoes to Lake La Agujela crus.

Embera crafts

Embera Dance

Carlos, Joanna and I in the Chagrees river.

Sailing canoes
In this new expedition, we moved to a native region on the banks of the Parque Natural Chagrees in Lake La Ajuela exactly. Entangling this lake has algae and many crocodiles, fish also including "Tilapia.”

This region offers visitors history as established there, their crafts, customs and traditions, dance and give their preliminary dish is fried plantain with tilapia.

Then you move on canoes to a beautiful waterfall where you can enjoy fresh cold water.

Visit it, you'll love...

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

La Angosta-Beach

I visited one of the beaches of the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the province of Colon called "Playa La Angosta "It has a warm tropical climate, for tourists to B/.1.25 bathrooms and separate toilets for national B/.0.25. It also has a restaurant, ice cream and the famous sale of fish with fried plantains.It is a natural environment to hang out with family or whatever.

I invite you to visit, I enjoyed it!

My cousins​​, my son and I on the beach.
My cousin, my brother and my son on the seashore.
My husband, my son and I on the beach.

viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

El Macho

M e at the "Rancho La Candelaria" is family.

Interioranos Home


I horseback riding

My cousin, my sister and son in the river.
In the province of Veraguas, Santiago capital is a town called La Arena in the Arena is a community called the Macho.

Live there part of my family, dedicated to the breeding of cows, pig, goats, poultry and horses.

Here there are beautiful meadows, rivers.

If you want to be happy to know I can take. Only visit for carnival dates. You will like is a field experience!

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011


The city of Portobello, which means beautiful port is known for its famous bygone era fairs.
The town has two museums shows Customs Museum and the Museum of the Black Christ:
The exhibit is artifacts and weapons of the colonial era, such as cannon balls, guns, tools and pottery.
On the second floor of the museum, displays information about the town of Portobello and culture, particulary on the Congolese and the Black Christ (every outfit you have used in their celebrations which is every October 21) religious festival that attracts many tourists.

It also has the church of San Felipe, built entirely in 1841, another attraction is the two forts that of St. James and St. Jerome, who were used to counteract the invasion of pirates and take over the city.
Visit Portobello to live the excitement of old times of pirates, slavery and more, and you'll enjoy it documented!

"Cristo Negro" church of Portobello.

Strong San Jerónimo

" Aduana de Portobello" Museam

sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

The Panama Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum is a great complement to the attractions of tourists.
This museum has four floors of exhibition: the first floor can see the history and creation of the channel, the second floor is called "Water for Life " exhibits where the flora and fauna of the reverted areas and the importance of water; the floor three and four is "The Canal and the World " and the listener can see the transit of ships and films about the channel in English and Spanish.

The cost to students by presenting the card is two dollars, three dollars and overseas national five dollars, pensioners and children two dollars.

Urging visit the Museum will love them!

Container ship going through the Panama Canal

Gatun Lake Dam

I in the first floor can see the history and creation the Panama Canal

I in the second floor is called "Water for Life "

I and the Teacher María.

I in the floor three and four is "The Canal and the World " entering a three-dimensional tunnel.

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011


Horse riding me and my son.

My brother, my son and I.

I in the Cañazas river.
Explore the town of Cañazas located in Santiago de Veraguas Province.

It is a beautiful town with nice people and workers.

The people there are dediica to agriculture, hunting and fishing.

It has a beautiful river flows and water is very cold.

This place is amazing, be encouraged to visit!